» Our customers are really happy with the HBS. We are talking about the back as well as about health in a completely new way. «


Claudia and Marco

David Gym Trainers (Zürich)

Why you should think about purchasing a HIMTEC BodyStretcher for your gym:


The HBS is an innovative product for the sports and fitness sector, the first of its kind worldwide.
You will be seen (and talked about) as an innovative, health-promoting gym
The HBS effectively relieves the back with just 5 minutes of exercise.
Your customers can relieve and relax their compressed intervertebral disks and tense back muscles
The HBS will be a fresh conversation starter within your gym.
A positive customer experience and customer loyalty can lead to additional bookings or purchases at your gym

Can the device be easily integrated into circuit training sessions?

The HIMTEC BodyStretcher is a rewarding addition for every circuit training or other exercise program. Due to its innovative approach to the back muscles, specifically the intervertebral disks, the BodyStretcher can be used as a stress-relieving fitness device. Its use can help prevent chronic back pain and herniated disks at an early stage.


Are there maintenance intervals for the device?

Once purchased, the HIMTEC BodyStretcher will incur no more costs. It is maintenance free and, upon proper use, we will grant a warranty of 5 years for the device’s function. 


And if something should happen anyway? Is there a repair service?

Our on-site repair service will help you within 24 hours (nationwide in Switzerland). If the repairs should be more extensive, you will receive a replacement device free of cost so that your members can keep up their accustomed exercise schedule for the duration of repairs.


How much space will the HIMTEC BodyStretcher need?

This innovative fitness device can be set up in an area of 1.5 x 2.5m and will be an absolute EYE-CATCHER for your gym.

The personalized covers in your colors will support your brand identity and connect the device’s positive effects directly with your members’ gym experience.


Is there a chip to record exercise data?

At the moment, this function is not yet available for the HIMTEC BodyStretcher, but we are working on a solution.


Do you need a special training course for using the device?

After a 30-minute on-site introduction by our experts, the HIMTEC BodyStretcher can be used right away. Your employees and trainers do not need much time for this introduction to the device’s functions and can subsequently coach your gym members on the device.


For which maximum body height and weight has the device been approved?

The HIMTEC device is approved for users with a body weight of up to 120kg and a height of up to 195cm. Furthermore the device has not been approved for therapeutic purposes. Our experts will be happy to personally give you further information.


How much does it cost and what is the benefit?

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Experience the HIMTEC BodyStretcher for yourself - test the device for three months in your gym and see your members benefit from it firsthand.

If you like the HIMTEC Bodystretcher, you can then decide whether to purchase, rent or lease one. 


Purchase, rent or lease? – Your choice

You can conveniently order the HIMTEC BodyStretcher on our website. For a small surcharge, we also offer individual design options according to your wishes.

Apart from purchasing, you can also rent or lease our innovative fitness device for a limited time. We will be happy to advise you on which financing model is best for you.


Is there a discount for orders of more than ten BodyStretchers?

If you decide to integrate the HIMTEC BodyStretcher into your gym equipment pool, we can offer you a special discount. 


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Further questions?

Our consultants will be happy to take some time and individually determine the benefits of the HBS for your gym.



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