» My hotel guests appreciate the offer of a 5-minute workout for their back muscles. After the exercise, they feel much more relaxed and ready to go out again. «



Why you should think about purchasing a HIMTEC BodyStretcher for your hotel:


The HBS is the first of its kind worldwide. 
You will be seen (and talked about) as an innovative, health-promoting hotel
The HBS effectively relieves the back with just 5 minutes of exercise
Your customers can relieve and relax their compressed intervertebral disks and tense back muscles
The HBS will be a fresh conversation starter within your fitness/wellness/spa areas.
You create customer loyalty. Guests will continue to book their stays at your hotel and recommend it to others
The HBS will supplement your rest area or gym, enabling you to offer added value to your guests.
You can include the HBS in your advertising and thus increase your hotel’s value.

Use / exercise

Exercising with the HBS is very easy; everyone can do it on their own. An elegant information display shows an introduction as to how to use the device. International guests can use their smartphones to scan a QR code and watch a video explaining the proper use of the device.


Cost / benefit

Once purchased, the HBS will incur no more costs. It is maintenance free and, upon proper use, we will grant a warranty of several years for the device’s function.


It can be set up in an area of 1.5 x 2.5m and will serve as a real EYE-CATCHER, benefiting your hotel’s image as well as your guests.

The personalized covers in your colors will support your brand identity and connect the device’s positive effects directly with your guests’ hotel experience. 


And if something should happen anyway? Is there a repair service?

Our on-site repair service will help you within 24 hours (nationwide in Switzerland). If the repairs should be more extensive, you will receive a replacement device free of cost so that your hotel guests can still benefit from exercise with the HIMTEC BodyStretcher for the duration of repairs.


How about user errors?

The HBS is a training device with a real effect. Your guests should first get used to exercising with it. A short introduction to its use can be found on a display directly next to the device. Furthermore HIMTEC will personally show your staff how to use the device.



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Further questions?

Our consultants will be happy to take some time and individually determine the benefits of the HBS for your hotel.



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