Marcel Häne

Inventor and developer


» This is exactly why I developed the device in the first place. For decades, I had been hauling crates or steel beams around in the workshop, fighting back issues on a daily basis. I hung onto bars, trying to stretch my muscles with anything I could find.

In the end, I was so much fed up with this that I went and welded together my first BodyStretcher.

Now it’s a really successful stretching and exercising device, tucked away in a corner of my workshop. I use it for 5 minutes every morning and every evening – and have not had any back pain since. «



Use / exercise

Set up your HBS in a storage room or in a corner of your workshop. Use it as needed: before work, during lunch breaks or in the evening before you go home. Our installation experts will show you several exercises to benefit your back with the BodyStretcher back stretching machine.


Cost / benefit

Once purchased, the HBS  will incur no more costs. It is maintenance free and, upon proper use, we will grant a warranty of several years for the device’s function.


It can be set up in an area of 1.5 x 2.5m, finding a suitable space almost everywhere. It can be used while wearing work clothes and work shoes and is not prone to soiling or staining.


And if something should happen anyway? Is there a repair service?

Small repairs can be carried out on-site by our service team. In case of more extensive repairs, you will receive a replacement device for the duration of repairs.


How about user errors?

The HBS is a training device with a real effect. Therefore you should get used to exercising with it, over time increasing your exercise intensity to ensure safe use of the HIMTEC BodyStretcher. We will furnish you with a thorough introduction how to use the device and show you with easy-to-understand visual aids how to achieve the most successful exercise for your back. 


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Further questions?

One of our experts will be happy to take some time for a personal talk with you: